Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Grandchildren & Some Other Stuff

Well, the sheetrock is almost all up and Arthur finished insulating in the peak.  Close quarters up there.   We sure appreciate Ben H. coming over and working such long hours to help us get things done.  Some nephews and my father-in-law have put in time too which really helps. 

Oh, did we ever have fun with Naomi and her girls!   (I have no idea why my face is so shiny on this photo, it really isn't!)  Anna is pretty much a mama's girl although she sure doesn't mind anyone holding her and has such a sweet smile.  Esther has a sweet smile too and says the cutest things.  The girls enjoyed being called "The aunties" by Esther.  Not a dull moment!

So many smiles!

Amos and Rebekah and the boys joined us for family devotions one night when the cousins joined Hosanna on the stairs.  Oh the fun of having cousins! We also love having Amos and Rebekah and the boys here for devotions!  

Anna does have an adorable smile!

And we can't forget little Gideon who seems to change by the day.   So cuddly! 

I know icicles are a sign of needing insulation, but I sure enjoy seeing these works of art. Can you see the one reaching down to the window below? They get so long  this time of year. That little window on top is in our bedroom and I just love looking out at the sun shining off the icicles during the day.  Sometimes it's hard reading and hearing about people down south who are looking at spring knowing we have almost two months of winter ahead of us, or more.  But then, I think of all the projects I need to get done and I say,
Let it snow!
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful evening and take time tomorrow to fellowship with God and other believers!  


  1. Fun! J&A's kids call us "the aunties" in a collective manner, too. (And we're all aunties again!--Reuben and Erica had a little girl on Wednesday; Helen Adelaide.) :)

  2. Thanks for the post - I want copies of those pictures someday :)


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