Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Gone!

Okay, we'll start on the addition side.  Arthur is slowly peeling away the layers of the house to make an entrance connecting the addition to our house.  They sure did go through a lot of work to build a house back then.  First there was a very thick, 1/2-1", of stucco on the outside. The stucco had chicken wire in it with tarpaper on the back. Oh, that was under the white siding. Did you know that it is very, very difficult to cut through stucco?  Arthur's sawblade is perfectly round with no sign of teeth at all.  Then there were the boards you see, followed by insulation, then lath and plaster. Plus a lifetime of paint and wallpaper!  Miriam is holding the bag open to put the insulation in. (If building things bore you just skip this!)

This is on the inside.  You can see the door going outside.  Some people probably didn't even know there was a door there!  We always kept the china cabinet in front of it.  Years ago we used it and it had an old skeleton key to open it that broke off in the door. Never used it after that.  Isaac did get it open yesterday.

This is the top of the china cabinet with all the stuff taken out.   Everything has a fine layer of dust on it so we'll have to wash everything before putting it back.  Anyway, just a side note, this china cabinet was built by a pastor Arthur and I had when we were kids and was given to my grandma who I got it from after she died..

The door is gone and now they are opening up the wall a bit more where Arthur was working earlier.

There it goes!  Isaac is behind it somewhere helping.

And now we have this large hole in the living room wall into this room.   In the back left of the picture you can see the doors we're putting in the opening.  I would guess they'll be open most of the time but we thought it might be nice to be able to close them at different times. Note the windows.  We got them really cheap at the window shed in town.  They have screens that roll up and down.  We thought they didn't have screens till we got them installed and Ben noticed it.

So that's what's going on around here.  We aren't getting much else done.  The girls did clean at the church today.  Isaac is getting ready to head down to New Mexico, on Sunday, to help some missionaries for a few weeks.  A neighbor had a fire today in his tool shop.  We got a call that they needed help and so the guys headed over, including Amos and a lot of other neighbors.  By then the fire department was there and didn't need their help but it is nice to know that neighbors are willing to help out if needed.  That's what I love about the country. I guess they probably would do that in a city too.  I wouldn't know!

Well, I need to get a few more things done and it's late.  Have a great weekend!


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