Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Destroy a Church

It's Sunday so I thought I'd share something I read online this last week.  I copied and pasted it but neglected to note where it came from but I'm sure whoever wrote it won't mind.  I'm paraphrasing it.

1. On the Sundays you do go to church, go late.  Make a disturbance as you come in to distract people. Leave as quickly as you can when the service is over.  That way no one will have time to ask convicting questions.
2. Be grouchy.  Ask yourself, "What do I get out of this anyway?" Continue to complain when you go home and to others. Be picky and find lots of problems.
3. Never get involved.  Let others do the work.
4. When others do the work, complain that they do everything. Get bitter.
5. Never tell your pastor his sermon is good or encourage him.   Flattery might ruin him.
6. Visit other churches frequently so you're not tied down and committed.  Let people get used to you missing Sundays so they won't be surprised if you're not there.
7. Let the pastor earn his money and don't help at all. Remember that its his job to solve all the problems.
8. Sit back and don't sing.  Look miserable if you can. Don't bother to open your Bible or pray along.
9. Never put anything in the offering.  Wait a while and see if it's worth it.  If you do, don't put in very much but make sure people see you put it in.
10. Don't go soul winning and don't spend time in the Word at home. Only act spiritual around those at church.

Mmm.  I guess this convicted me.  Not that I try to do these things.  But I'm not very good at encouraging our pastor.  I know I don't spend nearly enough time in God's Word or soulwinning which does make for a healthy church. I'm sure we all can find reason to complain about this or that some weeks.  Anyway, I thought it was good.   I know for pastors it can get very discouraging when you see little results of your sermons that you work so long on or thankfulness for all they do.  It might be a good week to see what we can do to encourage these shepherds of the flock.

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  1. Yes, definitely encourage your pastor. I was a pastor's wife for 18 years and expect that I will be again at some point in the future. I have wondered sometimes how much difference it would have made for me/us if we had received as much encouragement as we did criticism and talk behind our back (which usually doesn't stay behind your back:)). Not meaning to sound bitter, it's just the sad truth. Sometimes you don't realize how much you were appreciated until you are gone from the position. Come on, church, we can do better than that! Thanks for the reminders!


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