Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Trip to Tennessee

Mom here - We put on a lot of miles in the last week and a half.  First we headed down Chicago way to drop Priscilla off  at the IBLP headquarters for the Vessels of Honor program. (The picture was taken there.) It was hard to leave her but sometimes we have to do hard things in order to do the right thing!  Then we headed down to North Carolina to drop Hosanna off at a chalk talk class.  While she was there Arthur and I headed west of Nashville to visit Aaron and Naomi and the sweet little girls.  I'm not much of a traveler but you couldn't help but be awed at the glory of God's creation.  Those Smoky Mountains are beautiful!  So was the snow and thunderstorms!  I think we saw snow in every state except Ohio.  Anyway, it was beautiful and we enjoyed seeing a little taste of spring before heading north again.  We picked Hosanna up and made a stop at the Creation Museum.  We also enjoyed Steak and Shake (the nearest one is hundreds of miles from here), a Bass Pro shop, The Smokey Mountain Knife Works store, and of course we enjoyed all the southern drawls.  I enjoyed doing a little shopping with Naomi, and we loved spending time with Esther and Anna.  I wish I had pictures but Hosanna had one of the cameras, Priscilla has one, and Isaac has one.

Meanwhile, back at home, it snowed, Silas kept the farm going with Miriam and Amos' help.  Today we have a federal dairy inspector coming.  You can pray we'll pass the inspection!   It's the first time we've had a federal inspector here, usually it's just state ones.  Okay, I'll turn it over to Hosanna because the rest of the photos are of her part of the trip.

Hosanna here- Here I am working on the black-light  image for a chalk talk. When the normal light comes on all of the chalk you see glowing now will disappear.

This is the same picture that I was working on in the above photo. I actually did this one in  our church  but we used different colors, and changed a couple of other things.

I met some great people while I was there, and made some friends. Here I am with  two sisters that were there together.  Their easels were right next to mine so we got to talk together quite a bit.

It was fun looking around the room and seeing everyone's chalk drawings of the same thing. Some of the people there were really good

This is the picture of our whole group. The man standing on the far right hosted the classes, and the man standing behind me and to the right is Matt Bowman, our teacher. He is a great teacher and I learned a lot from him. He not only teaches how to do gospel chalk talks, and travels around doing them, but he also makes the chalk. We learned how to do six different chalk talks, and how to come up with our own. I thank God for the opportunity to be there and learn more. Please pray that I would be able to use it in the way that God would want me to.


  1. I am from NC and you were near me while visiting near Nashville. I live in Clarksville:) Sounds like a great trip. The smoky mountains are beautiful!!

  2. Hosanna your drawings are beautiful!! You are talented. :) You'll have to let us know how the inspection goes...we're praying for you!


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