Thursday, April 25, 2013

Calving Problem

Well, the calving continues with so many of the cute little ones out there.  We did have a problem this morning.  One mama cow "threw" her uterus when she had the calf.  In other words, it was hanging outside.  It happens every once in awhile.  Anyway, Arthur cleaned it up good and put it back in and stitched her shut so it stays there.  He's done this a few times for us and neighbors and it seems to work. Silas took a picture for me but I wasn't sure it was something anyone would want to see, unless you're a farmer anyway! It will be nice when it warms up just a bit and the snow melts, and the puddles disappear. It will make spring field work very busy but we're still grateful for the weather God sends. It's so easy to get complaining about it but we really have no reason to complain when God is in control. Sometimes its so easy to forget that. We did manage to find some older hay from a farmer down the road.  It's not the greatest but it will keep the animals going until the pasture grows.

Meanwhile, Arthur is out grinding some feed for a neighbor.  Isaac and Silas headed out to see if they can round up any beavers before season closes May 1st.  The girls and I just finished up our cooking day.  This time of year we finally get some space in the freezer after eating all winter on those "almost as fresh as the day they were picked" vegetables, beef and venison.  We did up a bunch of meals for those busy days when no one has time to spend in the kitchen and filled that empty freezer space.  Had enough extra that we sent a couple meals over to Amos and Rebekahs.

Remember Silas' hint about how to clean glasses with toilet bowl cleaner?  Well, he says he has another household hint to pass on.  When you have a rip in your work jeans, just glue it shut with super glue!  Really!  Silas always takes care of his own clothes and he glues his barn jeans all the time.  It seems to wash okay without coming apart. Mmmm.

Have a wonderful day delighting in God's blessings!!


  1. I'll have to try the super glue trick with Aaron!

  2. Hmmmm....I might have to try that! :) And a cow prolapsing is never a good thing!! :( Hope she does ok...

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I just posted a response PLUS an invitation there so you may want to check it out!
    I can relate to weather frustrations during calving. We kept getting more and more snow and finally a blizzard a few weeks ago. We lost one baby who was stepped on in the barn as the cattle trampled in out of the storm. Still, that's not as bad as other years and now we FINALLY have warm days. Our guys plan on starting seeding this week which is almost a month later than last year but then last year was a blizzard.
    God's best to you all and perhaps you can join us for an Appleseed shoot here sometime this year????
    God bless,
    Dawn for the Bornemanns


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