Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Isaac took Hosanna and Miriam fishing today for northerns.  You can't see it on this picture but there's still a lot of ice on the lake further out.  This is a 39" northern but Hosanna had to throw it back.  It was in the slot limit between 30-40" where you can't keep them.  Pretty nice anyway!

Miriam also got a 39" inch one.  They did get a few to take home that were under the 30 inches. This time of year people fish off the docks for the northerns and my family is waiting for the suckers to run in the rivers as well.

Meanwhile, the cows are almost done calving.  Even though it's been a tough year weather-wise, the calves seem to be doing okay.  Arthur was at a cattle auction last week and the owner shared with Arthur that a lot of calves have died because of the weather around the area so we're pretty grateful.  A few more days of dry weather and they should be out in the fields, both the cows and the tractors.

Took a jaunt over to the maze yesterday for the first time this spring.  Everything looks okay and we spent some time figuring out where we're going to put this or that so we can plan where to plant the corn.

Arthur, Priscilla and I also headed down Chicago way again to bring Silas to the Journey of the Heart program.  It was fun to see green grass and blossoming trees down that way and we always enjoy driving through dairy country in Wisconsin.  What a wonderful world God made for us to enjoy!  Everywhere you drive there is something in creation to enjoy:  Lake Superior, the Wisconsin Castle rocks, blooming trees, forests, raging rivers, starlit sky.  All so enjoyable!  Have a wonderful day delighting in God's creation wherever you live!!!

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