Saturday, April 13, 2013

Isaac's Trip

Isaac got home last night from his trip down to New Mexico to help the Lee family.  I would have him do this post but he has a lot of stuff he wants to get done today.  So, I'll relay what he shared.  Here he's working on putting up a fence.  Apparently there is free range down there and so you may have wild horses or cows wander on your property.   Isaac found it interesting that if you don't tag your cow or brand it, pretty much anyone can take them since they wander all over.  This fence is for the dog however!  

This was their Easter sunrise service.  Mr. Lee and his family run a Bible camp which is where they live and Mr. Lee also is the pastor of this Navajo church.

Isaac did an assortment of jobs.  Here he's fixing a leaking well.  It was neat how God used the skills he's learned here on the farm to meet the needs of this family.

Before Isaac left they started siding the camp church which is also were their church is help when its not camp.

This is the home of one of the church members.  This man paints pictures for a living and Isaac said they were VERY good.  The picture on the wall is one of them.  The Navajo are quite artistic.  Isaac picked up some broken pieces of pottery laying around old homes and they still have the neat designs on them.  

This is the Lee family.  I don't know their names so you'll just have to enjoy the picture.  I do know the daughter is still in  high school, one of the boys just graduated and the other is going to BJU.

Isaac fixed camp bikes and lawnmowers.  Quite the fleet to keep maintained!

Isaac loves the outdoors so it was enjoyable whenever he got a chance to see some of the land.  This Navajo couple took them sightseeing in the hills.

Gorgeous!  No matter where you are on this earth, God made it so enjoyable!

What an interesting land formation!  Apparently flood waters must've washed the dirt to make a round rock.  It's actually attatched to the main rock Isaac is standing on.  Still, can't you see someone rolling it down the hill in a western?!

Well, we're glad to have Isaac home although I never want my desire to have my children around me keep them from serving God.  Far better to never see them and have them serving God then have them near and living out of His will!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Have a great day and I'm sure the Lee family would enjoy it if people prayed for their ministry!


  1. Neat pictures!! It was fun to have Isaac around this week...we haven't gotten to see much of him the last couple of years. Hopefully being snowed in didn't bore him too much. :)

  2. What an adventure! I liked the pictures - and waiting for Priscilla's...


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