Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our Weekend, Calving, and Relatives

We headed down south to go to Ben and Emily's wedding.  It was a gorgeous, Christ-honoring wedding and I can't wait to see how God uses the two of them together! I did get some nice pictures of them but I'll let their families post those.  Anyway, Isaac headed north for the wedding as you can see so that was nice after not seeing him for a month.  He stayed down there to see a chiropractor about his knee. 

Rebekah and Amos were at the wedding with their adorable little men!

Cousin Reuben, actually my nephew, came home from Tiawan for the wedding. 

Naomi flew to the wedding with sweet little Anna.  We just saw her a couple of weeks ago which was nice because she wasn't shy at all.

After the wedding we headed over to the H. house, Arthur's sister, and celebrated a couple of birthdays.  Overall, it was a wonderful couple of days with the fun wedding and all the visiting.

Today I headed north with my parents and my sister to attend the funeral of one of my great uncles. The family believes he died of a broken heart because his wife of all those years just died a couple of months ago and he missed her so much.  I enjoyed meeting cousins and other relatives that you only see at funerals.  It was more like a family reunion.  Anyway, there are five of the twelve siblings left in my grandma's family.  They are 88, 90, 94, 98 and 100 years old.  It was the baby of the family that died at 87 years old.  Sure hope I take after this line for longevity of life!  The 94 year old uncle still lifts weights and walks everyday and most all of them are quite sharp of mind with a couple starting to forget names. (Wonder what my problem remembering names is!?)  Anyway, I really enjoyed the spiritual legacy that has been passed down in this family.  How fun to visit with relatives I don't even remember meeting and talk about spiritual things.  I delight in the idea of one day seeing these relatives again someday!  Isn't God good!!!

We've had a lot of calves in the last couple of weeks, beef and dairy.  One beef calf was born and died in a freezing puddle.  The mamma cow was nice in adopting two calves to replace that one.  One other mother wouldn't take care of her calf or let it milk after several days of trying.  It was quite ornery so that one went down the road. We never keep cattle around if their mean.  The calf has joined the dairy calves in the barn.  So, that's how it goes during calving season.  It would be nice if it warmed up a bit as it is hard on the calves and we are getting short on hay.  Seems most of the farmers around here are as we've been getting calls about them wanting to buy any extra we have, which we don't.  Isaac said down in NM some round bales were selling for over $100!  More like $15-50 around here, if there was any. 

So, we enjoyed the wedding, the visits with relatives, and all the new calves.  The next big thing on the schedule is getting Priscilla home this coming weekend, and probably Isaac will be home then too.  Need a few more judges for the homeschool tournament next week too if anyone cares to volunteer!

Well, it's late and I'm really tired.  Have a great evening and don't forget to pray before you go to bed and go to sleep with scripture  on your mind!


  1. Thanks for posting the picture of Anna - it was great to see you all again!

  2. It was nice to see you all again, although I was sorry I didn't get more time to visit with you guys! And wow, your hay is sure cheap up there!! :) I don't know what the prices here are right now, but they're generally somewhere between $130 and well over $200 a ton...


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