Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Silas Is Home

The last 14 days or so Silas has been in Chicago and Michigan attending the Journey of the Heart program.    He really enjoyed it and recommends everyone to go at least once.  They even have jouneys for dads and moms.  While we had fairly nice but cool weather, they actually got some snow.  The southern guys seemed to enjoy it more than Silas did!

Silas only got a couple of pictures of himself.  This one has John Duggar and Travis _?_   with him.   Silas is pretty friendly so he really enjoyed getting to know everyone.

This was taken when Arthur, Priscilla and Hosanna went to pick Silas up.  Look at those green leaves and the green grass!!  I'll try to be patient!

You can't see it really good but Silas assured me there was ice in the lake.  Some of the guys braved running out in it but didn't last long.  Silas remembered getting ice water in his boots before he left and figured actually running in the water was a little crazy so he didn't try it.

The main goal of the Journey is to go over different issues of the heart so there was lots and lots of time spent in Bible study.  They ate good too Silas assured me.

With that many guys you need some action so they played some volleyball,

and did some sightseeing.

There were about 40 guys on the trip altogether and they were broken up into teams.  This is Silas' team.   So, he had a good time, learned a lot, and we are glad to have him home.  Have any of you reading this been on a Journey of the Heart?  Ask Silas or Priscilla if you need some motivation to go!

At home, the field work is progressing.  Arthur headed down to pick up some soybean seed but everyone else was doing the same so he got caught in a line up for seed.  The girls and I planted a part of the garden today.  I've also been ordering maze stuff so we get pretty excited when that nice brown truck comes up our driveway!

Yesterday I went to, I guess it would be my second cousin who was 35 and his mom's funeral.  Nothing like a funeral to remind us how short this life is.  It was a sad funeral, mainly because there wasn't any mention of how a person could have hope of eternal life.  I believe my cousin was saved but I'm not sure about his mom.  Anyway, this cousin of mine was one I babysat for for years when I was a teen, even staying at their house for several months one time.  His sister died a few years back and she was only 30 or so.  His parents were divorced when he was little but I remember being a flower girl in their wedding.  I'm so glad that we have hope that is sure of seeing those we love, who are saved, one day again in heaven!

Have a wonderful day enjoying God's blessings!


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  2. I'm sure everyone is glad to have Silas back - I'm sure some of our heat and green grass will work its way north eventually!

  3. Neat! I've heard about the Journey of the Heart before, and it sounds really interesting. Sounds like Silas had a great time. :-)


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