Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Fishing

Yesterday Arthur and Isaac took the M. and C. cousins sucker fishing.  This has got to be their favorite type of fishing.   You get in the river, which they assured me wasn't cold, and chase the fish toward the ones with the nets or into their own net.  Yesterday they got about 60 of them.

It got so late last night cleaning all those fish that the cousins spent the night and they went out again this morning adding Caleb J. to the crew.  I believe they got another 70 today give or take a few.  That's a lot of fish!  It's not the kind of fish you want to bake or fry because of the large amount of bones.  Mostly people smoke them.  My dad is smoking a few for us and I'll probably pickle some.  Isaac ground a bunch up to make fish patties or something out of and the rest we either sent home with the cousins or froze to smoke later.

Have a great day!

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