Saturday, August 17, 2013

First One Thing, And Then Another

The first and main thing that happened this week is a dozen + guys came and went this week camping out in the hayshed in our yard.  They did lots of hay work, some maze stuff, and lots of soft air games, swimming, and fishing.  Hopefully they all had a good time and enjoyed the girls cooking.

Yesterday our fridge quit working.  Yesterday we also had our washing machine quit, or at least it has a major problem, when the water came through the ceiling into the kitchen on Priscilla doing dishes. Not good.  Arthur has been super busy with hay.  Silas went with Isaac down for a doctors appointment and so us girls were left to fend for ourselves, even with a bunch of guys outside.  Well, we drained the washing machine using towels to clean all the water up so that we could at least dry the clothes in it.  Arthur said he'll look at it when he gets time and hopefully it's something fixable.

Then this afternoon my dear, sweet, Arthur bought me this nice, large fridge.  Then he went back to the field and said he'd put it in later.  The girls decided they could install it themselves.  Much braver than me! We measured and it wouldn't fit in any door of our house except one in the addition.  Good thing we didn't go that route as we wouldn't have gotten it through the door into the kitchen. I suggested the window but the girls had a better idea.  They removed the doors of the fridge and we carefully, very slowly lugged it up our steps into the house, replaced the doors, and wallah, there it is, all nice and ready for stuff.  Thank you, girls!

Now, we need to get things ready for tomorrow.  I love to have a clean house on Sunday as do most of you I'm sure.  Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!

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  1. So sorry! That's impressive girls...Looking forward to seeing the new fridge :)


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