Monday, August 19, 2013

Sneak Peek

I thought some of you might enjoy a sneak peek at what's in the Granary this year at the corn  maze. I spend most of the day over there getting some things set up and figuring out displays, etc. There's a bunch of dry erase frames.  I don't know if these will sell but they are really fun to make and you can't stop at just one.  I can't forget to move the red clothespins before Friday. The saying on the plaque on the top fits me quite well!  The messy part anyway!

Then I made some tile coasters.  I don't know if anyone uses coasters anymore, but we do, and these were really fun to make, and again, you can't stop at just one set.  I really had to limit myself here.  

Of course you'll find the assortment of cowboy hats, rubber band guns and wooden knives and swords.  Yes, you'll find those coonskin hats too if you don't have one!

These were really fun to make.  And if no one buys them, I have no problem using them! I would've made lots and lots of these too but the girls reminded me that not many people use placemats either.  Oh well.  I told them they were made with burlap as if that was reason enough to sell them. The top set is all swirls, the middle set has table manners, and the bottom set is table words.  Oh, I need to move that red tack before Friday too.  

I love hobby horses!  These make a cute neighing sound if you squeeze the ear just like our horse Clipclops does that we use at VBS some years.  Well, that's all I'm going to show you.  You'll just have to come by and take a look, and no, you don't have to pay admission to just come to the Granary. Oh, I need to tell you about one more thing.  We are getting these really, really, nice candles with a country flair that I am really excited about!  I get excited by most candles but these are really cool candles!

Have a wonderful evening counting your many blessings one by one!


  1. You have some super cute stuff!!! And I've made myself a dry erase frame that I use, and we also use place mats and coasters. ;) Do you have Pinterest? You stuff reminds me of Pinterest craft ideas. :) Can't wait to come up and check it all out!! I was thinking it might be fun to try sell some of my homemade lotions/scrubs/lip stuff some that stuff that it would be ok to sell, or does stuff like that have to be made by you guys?

  2. I'm not sure why I didn't get your comment till today. Sorry about that, just saw it under comments awaiting moderation or something like that. I don't see any reason why I couldn't sell your stuff, at least that I know of. Bring a few things up with you and we'll see how it does, if you want. Make sure the ingredients are well labelled, other than that I think it's worth a try. We don't see a whole lot of stuff so don't make like gobs and gobs! Although I'm sure they'd make wonderful Christmas gifts! No, I'm not "on Pinterest" although I'm always on Pinterest! I love looking for ideas on there!


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