Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Isaac Got It

His bear that is, after lots of hours waiting for it.   He had a trail camera on it and it came at such random times of the day he never seemed to hit the right time but today he did.  Daniel and David enjoyed going along with Grandpa to help drag it out of the woods.  What interesting animals God created!


  1. Congratulations Isaac! I was excited to see the picture and we're happy for you!

  2. Wonderful job Isaac!! Could you please email me the picture of the one with Daniel and David in it? I was very surprised to hear about David going! :o) We are so excited for Isaac!

    1. you bet your bottom butten

  3. Wow! What an accomplishment. I have friends who hunt bear and have been on several successful hunts! Congratulations! Do I see a bear rug in the family's future?


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