Friday, October 18, 2013

It's Been a Long Time...

...since we've posted on the blog.  We have been really, really busy, but not so busy that Arthur couldn't take a morning off to do a little of his very favorite hunting with Mr. C. and Matthew C.  Lots of geese and ducks.

The maze is over.  It rained five of the eight weekends but it still went good and we're content.  We'd try to be content if it didn't go good too!  I liked this photo of Priscilla and a bag full of popcorn balls.  I don't know the exact number but I know Hosanna made way over 1,000 of them and used over 11 gallons of unpopped popcorn!!  Miriam filled over 5,000 water balloons, and Priscilla made hundreds of pretzel sticks and cookie dough brownies.  

Aaron and Naomi and the girls came up for a visit that we enjoyed greatly!  The cousins enjoyed being together and having Naomi read them books.  It gets pretty wild around here with six little people having fun together!!!  I love it!  Such sweet memories are being made!

Amos and Rebekah, and Aaron and Naomi and the little people all enjoyed the maze and hayrides.

We enjoyed a visit from Cora and Andrew B.  God sent them at just the right weekend when we were short of workers and some of this family was sick.  They were a great help at the maze and we had a lot of fun with them playing games,  watching videos and visiting of course! Thank you Cora and Andrew!

We finished up the maze with a clean up day with most of the maze workers.  In just a few short hours they managed to take down things and put everything away so it's ready for winter.  THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!  Most years we clean up by ourselves and it takes us days to get it all done so this was a really blessing.

Yes, we will do the maze again.  Yes, we have an idea of what we'll do next year! Yes, it's a secret!

Isaac has been helping with the sugar beet harvest west of here for the last few weeks with Silas helping a couple of days. There's thousands and thousands of acres of sugar beets grown in the Red River Valley area and harvest time is pretty intense for those involved and the people living in those areas.  They came home today.

Arthur has been dealing with cattle lately - moving and feeding, trying to finish up some flax straw, and spends quite a while everyday chopping corn.  He graciously took yesterday, well, most of the day, off to head north with me to go to one of my great uncles funerals.  He was 98.  Uncle Detray was one of my favorite great uncles and he had kids that were my age so as kids they were like cousins to us and we saw them quite often.

 I enjoy heading north to Canada once in awhile and I told Arthur I kinda feel like I'm going home when we head up to that part of the province.  So many people with the same background as we have and people with the same last names as our families eating the same food we grew up eating.  We did have one lady tell us she liked our accent.  Ha!  If we go too far south they think we have a Canadian accent!  Funny how different people talk that live just miles apart from each other.  We get a lot of Canadians at the maze and we see them enough in our area that you can always pick one out before they even talk!  I'm sure they do the same to us!

Well, you all have a wonderful evening enjoying God's blessings!


  1. Great to hear from you again. So sorry to hear of the funerals. Our condolences. It sounds like all else went well and the maze was successful!

  2. Andrew and I REALLY enjoyed our time with your family!! This is such a neat post too!

    I hope that all is going well with farming, now that your maze work is completed for another year. :) I was glad to read that you will be doing it all again next year! I think my favorite of these pictures is the popcorn ball one! ;)

    God bless you all.

  3. Wow I LOVE your blog and all the names in your family are wonderful!! I am in love with the burlap placemats you made also. Thanks for stopping by FAR. I answered the question about wood countertops, and we have not had any trouble at all with water. That's why I chose the varathane floor finish. If someone leaves a wet glass, a white ring will appear but is gone in minutes after wiping it dry. I also have a dining table I made almost 10 year ago with the same finish and you can leave water for days and it will not even leave a white ring, so I am sure this will cure to that point.


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