Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Arthur found a time to do a prime coat on the ceiling.  I don't do too good working over my head and he managed to do the whole ceiling way, way faster than I could've!

Sure hope someone remembers what all those wires are for.

Miriam painted the ceiling a pretty antique white and it looks really nice. The girls also gave the walls a coat of primer and I just couldn't wait till tomorrow to paint them so I painted a corner just to get a look at the paint.  It's a little darker than I was expecting but its okay. I'll have to see it tomorrow when it dries and in the daylight to get a real opinion. A few of us are heading down to the National Bible Bee in a couple of days so our goal is to get it all painted before we leave, among a few other things.

Isaac and Silas with the C. cousins getting ready to go track a deer in the dark.  Well, I'll post a picture when the walls are all done.  Have a great evening and start that "Things I'm Thankful to God For This Year" list!

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