Thursday, March 20, 2014

This and That

I thought I'd tell about a few other things going on around here.  Miriam finished her three year Bible course.  For anyone wanting a good basic Bible education, Miriam is really recommending this program.  It's free, and you get a book to read and study and fill in questions and then take a test. And so forth for each class. You can either read and take the tests online or the paper route.  So, if you need a little challenge and don't have a lot of money, this is a good option.  They take donations of course :)

There's still lots of snow.  We had a couple of really nice days where it melted but there's still quite a bit of the stuff.  Most everyone we know that burns wood has near run out awhile ago and have scrounged around to get some as it is hard heading to the woods to get it.  I guess after the last few nice winters we didn't prepare as good as we should've.

Silas had a hard week last week.  He was climbing the wall of the haymow to replace a light bulb when the step broke and he fell about 15-20 feet onto the wood haymow floor.  He got quite sore but was okay.  He would want you to know that he kept the bulb from breaking. The day after he fell, a cow kicked him in the nose.  It got swollen and hurt but he was okay and you can't tell now.

Priscilla had a good birthday and wants to thank all of you that left comments!

We had our county Republican caucus meeting.  That's always enjoyable especially as we go over different resolutions and have discussions over them with the occasional some strong on either side of the resolution.  Arthur is a delegate and the rest of us are alternates to the district and state conventions.

Isaac's beef cow had the first spring calf. We try to have them calve later in the spring when the weather is nicer but this particular cow paid a visit to a neighbor bull when she shouldn't have.  The poor calf was pretty cold so we stuck her and her mama in the barn. (I say her but I'm not really sure if it was a her!)

Please pray for Pam J.  She's been so out of commission from Lyme's disease and last week she took a nasty fall and can hardly move.  I know she'd love people to pray for her and a card sent her way probably wouldn't be refused either.

I was reading about the sick man in Mark 2 who was lifted down through the roof.  It says in verse five "When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the sick of the palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven thee." and he went on and healed him.  What stuck out to me was that it was the friends faith that led Jesus to heal him.  Other places too Jesus heals because of the faith of others.  I guess I always knew that, but it was a good reminder that I need to have faith when I pray for the healing of others. I would not want my lack of faith to keep anyone from getting healed.  It's so easy to pray like we would talk about the weather.  We need to pray in faith knowing that we have a powerful God who delights in answering prayer.

Have a great day!

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  1. I loved your comments about healing! My favorite Bible subject. I also was reminded of James' comments about the 'prayer of faith' when anointing for healing! Loved the cow stories too as I was recently at the livestock auction and longed to purchase one to bring home. Also hope you saw my post about learning to love the snow! Ours is almost gone as well, but it snowed again today. Very late for us to have weather this cold!


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