Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's April

We had a "beautiful" snowstorm the last day of March and early April 1st.  We had a  lot of snow to start with but this dumped close to 20 more inches of the white stuff.  The wind was very strong, so some places it blew almost all the snow off the ground and other places there were up to six foot drifts!  As the picture shows, you can't even see past our mailboxes and often we couldn't see the barn from our house!  I kinda wish it would've lasted a few more days!  We enjoyed staying warm in the house and spent our long evening watching Ben Hur. 
I wonder if God is getting sick of us all complaining and is going to send snow until we get contented with what He gives us!  I notice it's snowing right now.  Oh well, it's only April.  ;)  I'm thankful God gives us daily opportunities to practice contentment!

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  1. Our snow here in southern Michigan is now gone. I admit I was ready for it to be like spring again! Sounds like you found ways to enjoy the snow! I was thankful for snow when our pump went out a few weeks ago! We melted it for water until we could get a new pump!


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