Saturday, March 1, 2014

We're Still Alive

It's been awhile since I've posted, and it probably would be a while longer if certain children of mine weren't encouraging me!  Somehow the winter has seemed very long and uneventful, sort of, and not worthy of posting about. I do know Aaron and Naomi enjoy seeing what's going on! We did have some of the cousins over for a fun evening of Balderdash.  Such creative imaginations people have!!  

Isaac has been trying to teach me marksmanship.  Ha!  At least you can see the snow fly when you hit it!  Speaking of snow, Isaac and Arthur shoveled the roofs of some neighbors.  Arthur fell off the roof twice and both times landed standing up in snow up to his waist.  No, he didn't get hurt with all that snow to soften his fall from the slippery rooftops.

Priscilla loves the long cold days to hibernate in her room and work on her book.

Arthur finished the bookshelves for the living room.  I'm excited because I finally have a place for the scrapbooks I've made over the years. I also love having books in a room.  I'm also excited because that means we're almost done with the addition, at least the inside.  This spring or summer I need to do some varnishing and a little tile work. 

Arthur is sitting by the woodstove keeping his feet warm while he does some Bible study.  This stove has really had it's issues but it works.   Isaac took the whole thing apart yesterday to do some work on it and as I look at the photo I realize we didn't get it all swept up. Just ignore it!

Hosanna is making a cheesecake.  Mmm.  This is noteworthy because we haven't done any baking for ourselves since Christmas.

One thing we have been doing this winter is a lot of praying.  It seems like there are so many problems, decisions to make, sick people, lost people, and problems in the world.  I'm so thankful we have a God to go to and lay all of our troubles on!  I'm so thankful we have a God who cares and who loves us even more than we love each other.  I'm so glad we have a God who can take hopeless situations and make them right.  Who has a plan for the problems in the world and how He will solve them all!  A God who knows the steps my children should take and the ways they should go and leads them in those directions. 

Have a wonderful day praying to a God who cares!


  1. Great post! See, all those things are worth blogging about :)

  2. Oh, and Aaron says the addition looks great and I thought Hosanna was me when I first saw that picture of you playing games -

  3. I enjoy keeping up with what I think of as my childhood neighbors :) I wish you the best, but I can't say that I miss the cold at ALL!! So thankful to be in Atlanta!! Julie

  4. I wish I was down there too, Julie! Thanks for commenting! Thank you, Aaron, and yes, Hosanna does look a lot like you, Naomi. So does Rachel in the front of the same photo.

  5. The bookshelves look great in the addition! So glad that everyone is doing well. Love the posts thanks for sharing!

  6. This was a very wonderful post indeed!!! Your new addition looks SO nice--and warm. :) Great job on learning some marksmanship skills too!
    I've been praying a lot more than ever before in the past couple months, as there is so much to praise God for; to seek the Lord's guidance in; and so many friends and family to pray for----to ask for His healing for the sick and hurt, and restoration of broken relationships too..... Our God is an awesome God!
    May you all be blessed greatly!


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