Monday, April 21, 2014

Daniel, David, and Priscilla's Trip

Just a quick picture of Daniel and David before Priscilla tells about her trip.  The boys are loving the "spring puddle" that takes over part of our yard every year.   For the most part the snow is all gone except for a little in the woods and ditches.   Okay, I'll turn this post over to Priscilla -

Ok, so about my trip. I had a great time! I think I said this last year after my Journey to the Heart, but spending ten days just seeking God is always so encouraging. It's so hard sometimes at home to just take and set aside time to really fellowship and spend time with God.

This is myself with Elizabeth B. and Tabitha K. The weather there was beautiful the first few days, and then we had a snow storm, and it was still beautiful, just in a different way.

Jessica J. Alexis B. Abby H. and Rachel M. all went with me, and we had so much fun together! It is such a blessing to have friends who want to seek God and encourage you.

At the Northwoods, some of the girls built this snow bear before we left. One of the arms fell off, but it was still cute. 

On the way down to the Journey, we stopped to visit the Gillette hospital where my cousin Victoria M. was a patient for a while. It was such a blessing to get to see the place, and meet some of the people that worked with her. When we went back to the parking garage to leave, the van broke down so we had to hall all of our stuff into the hospital while the van was towed. We were so blessed that the van had broken down at the hospital, and not on the middle of the free way. It also gave us the oppertunity to give thanks in EVERYTHING. Well it was an awesome trip, I would highly recommend it to everyone else. Keep enjoying spring, and make sure that you're giving thanks in Everything.  Take some extra time today to get alone with God and thank Him for everything, even the things in your life that are less than desirable. Through Christ we are more than conquerors!

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