Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Home School Tournament

Well, the 2014 Homeschool Tournament is done.  We had our largest group with 93 students and tons of little tykes and parents.  It was a good day and hopefully everyone had a good time.  Here Arthur is timing the Lego Challenge.  I found it interesting that not one girl placed in the Lego Challenge in any of the age categories!  It's definitely a guys thing.

There were the written tests which my mother-in-law so faithfully gives each year. Miriam usually helps her and this year she made our family take the tests when we got home.  Hosanna won the family geography quiz.  I think she only missed three of the one hundred countries to label.  She's put together a world puzzle many times so I guess that helped!

The handcrafts were very impressive!  Don't you love the leather armour!  All the parents get to judge the handcrafts, baking, photography, handwriting, and displays.

I wish everyone could've gotten a blue ribbon!

Chess and checkers went good although we ran out of time so winners were "declared". Silas and Elizabeth judged these categories.

I'm glad I wasn't one of the judges trying to find winners in the coloring contest! My wonderful sister-in-laws manned these activities.

The little guys really like the remote car race that my father-in-law also faithfully mans each year.

The displays on American War History or "Show and Tell" were fantastic!  I wish I had had time to read them all or to look close at the coin collecting with a magnifying glass.  They were so good!!! (I'm not sure that 'had had' is good English ;)

Well, Hosanna is getting ready to leave on Friday.  I know she would love people to pray for her in the coming months and maybe even send a letter!

Have a good rest of the week with God's blessings and miracles!

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