Tuesday, April 8, 2014


For Your Information -
       Isaac was out ice fishing with his cousins today.  The ice was 54 inches thick!!!  They had to chip away at the ice to get the ice auger down far enough to get through the ice!!  The snow is melting but it's going to be a long time before the ice is gone.
       Priscilla comes home tonight from the Journey of the Heart.  She's been gone 10 days and we miss her!!!!
       Silas started working at Marvin Windows this week.  Today was actually his first work day and his text message tonight said it is going good.  Please pray for him that he will be able stay strong in a not always godly environment and be able to be a light for God.
       Hosanna is getting ready to leave next week.  She's doing an internship with the National Bible Bee until after the national competition in November.  We are going to miss her!!!  Arthur and Miriam are taking her there and then going down to Tennessee to help Aaron and Naomi move. I forgot to do a birthday post on Hosanna but she had another birthday at the end of March.
       I finished the rough draft of the maze design.  I know that's not as exciting as what everyone else in my family is doing, but it's a relief to me!  Also did some deep cleaning today with Miriam and Hosanna's help.
       Never a dull moment.

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  1. How about a detour to visit your Bible Bee friends in Michigan?! We would love to have you! The Mieczkowskis


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