Monday, June 23, 2014

Family Reunion

We headed north into Canada yesterday to go to a family reunion.  On the way there we stopped at a little church in Steinbach we had been wanting to visit sometime and really enjoyed the service and all the friendly people.  Its so nice to go to a different church and feel so at home! They had some missionaries there from Ireland.  Priscilla and their Priscilla had a lot in common - both same name, birthdays only a month apart, both homeschooled and used some of the same materials, both have / had an older brother just older than them named Samuel, and a couple other things as well.  At the reunion, the boys enjoyed a long game of Bocce ball.

My cousins that were at the reunion.  We had so much fun visiting and finding things in common.

And the next generation of family.  Esther especially loved running around with her little girl cousins.

I failed to get a picture of my aunts and uncles although we did take one big family photo I should get later.  We had a fun day!  The stores are closed on Sundays up there and we wanted to get some farmer's sausage that you can't get around here. Anyway, we'll have to make another trip up there sometime to do some shopping even though the Canadians all love to come down here to shop!  Maybe for my great uncle and auntie's 70 wedding anniversary this summer!

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