Saturday, June 21, 2014


Lake of the Woods, the 100th largest freshwater lake in the world, is overflowing its banks this year with all the rain we've had. My sister and her family live on the lakeshore and the beautiful lake is eating up their yard. They've already lost a large beach (well, its there under water), a row of trees, and its not quitting anytime soon. Today about 20 people got together and did some sandbagging along the lakeshore to stop the erosion of their yard and Arthur, Isaac, Silas, Aaron and Ronnie went along to help. 

Some guys filled bags and brought them over to the edge of the lake.

This is out of order, but you can see how the sandbagging should really help.  

And they toss them in to Arthur and Joe who were putting them down.  Yes, the water was really cold but Arthur assured me that when you work hard you don't feel it :)  Please pray for those that are affected by the high water, especially those east of here along the Rainy River.

Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!

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