Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Fair

Silas took Karen down to the fair for fun and ministry.  Of course Silas took Karen through the barns to see the cows, bulls, steers, horses, etc, as well as tried out some of the good fair food, a ride on the ferris wheel and then helped out at our church's Good News Cabin.  (Aren't they cute, Mrs. J?) By the way, Karen's mom is down at Mayo and would love people to pray for her!

At the Good News Cabin, different people took turns telling the wordless book and other Bible lessons to children and after they listen to the lesson, they get either a balloon animal or their face painted.  They also gave out lots of free water bottles, tracts, and DVD's.  About 600 children came through  not to mention lots of parents who also listened to the gospel.  Several children got saved and there were lots of discussions about spiritual things with adults and parents. Thank you, Elizabeth, for organizing this every year!  Isaac, Priscilla, Karen and Silas all helped out different days.

It was a beautiful day for farm work today and Isaac, Arthur and Silas raked and baled about 150 round bales this afternoon before it started to sprinkle.  Miriam and I canned a bunch of raspberry jam and froze some snow peas. Arthur and Isaac are busy planning FARM camp in just a little over a week.  It's a one week camp for boys 13 - 18 here at the farm.  Know anyone who wants to come?  Let us know!  They will work hard, play hard, fish, and eat a lot, plus have lots of devotionals by different people!  It's going to be fun!  Arthur also had a cattle gate fall on his ear this week.  It's black and blue and looks nasty.

Silas and Karen also had an old time photo taken.  Cute :)

Have a wonderful day tomorrow worshipping God!

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  1. I love reading your blog and am so glad you keep it up to date---complete with pictures!!! :)
    God bless these 2 young people (the last picture is my favorite!), and God bless all of you!!! Your walk with God is an inspiration to others.


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