Wednesday, July 23, 2014

County Fair Parade

Yesterday was another wonderful fair parade day!
Thank you so much again, to the wonderful workers who put up with the heat and smiled, and smiled, and smiled, as they gave out almost 2,000 flyers!

If you're into Polaris things you would have been awed by their presence at the parade!  They had a whole fleet of their motorcycles like the Indian Chiefs, Rangers, Ace's, Sportsmans, RZRs,  and all the other off-road neat things they make.  They were in front of us at the parade and you can see the long lines of their stuff. I was in the truck with Arthur so he educated me on what I was seeing.

Well, I know Hosanna likes to see what we're up to so I thought she'd enjoy the pictures.  Today Priscilla and Arthur are down at the fair working at our church's booth where they share the wordless book or Bible lessons with children.  They also give out lots of tracts and DVD's and bottles of free water. Silas is at work, Isaac is mowing hay, Miriam is scrapbooking in the church album, and so it goes.  We picked raspberries and peas today as well. Please pray for those at the fair this week that many would be reached, for salvation decisions, and for the workers as well.  Have a great evening!

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  1. Thank you for the pictures!


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