Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Parade

We had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday!  First we had a family get-together with my side of the family and then went home to get ready for the parade.  It was scheduled for  four and then changed to five because of the rain and finally they had it at six o'clock. Little Jeriah loved holding his flag.

Our church had a float and gave out tracts. This is something the church families have talked about for years and finally someone did it!

The grandchildren were so, so excited to see Aunty Miriam, I mean, Buttercream the cow!  Notice that the only ones not in coats on this cold day were the ones from down Tennessee way!

And a close up of our float.  It was really windy but that didn't stop tons of candy from being thrown to all the eager little people!

Our wonderful maze workers passed out about 1,600 maze cards.  (Krystal J. is in the orange maze shirt.) That's less than last year but we had less workers and I would guess less stayed for the parade since it was so late.  Even so, with one in every four getting a card, or so, that means there was about  6.000 people there!  Maybe they gave out one in every three.  Anyway, that's a lot of people for our little town!

There was the Marvin Windows float.  Need custom windows?  Look them up!!

I think this might be Drew's rogator.  Pretty nice!

The parade theme was the Olympics since TJ and Gigi were in the winter Olympics this year.  This float shows the Olympics players from our town.

This is the back of our float.  Karen sat on the back and handed the workers cards as they needed them.  You can see the cactus from this angle. When we do the county fair parade, the corn should be high enough to put some cornstalks on the float.

And here's the wonderful maze workers that helped with the float!!!  Thank you all so, so much!!!!!  I think Arthur makes a pretty handsome cowboy!

Today is not as restful.  We had a tank of milk that accidentally got a treated cow's milk in it, maybe a gallon we figure.  Anyway, it was past the withholding time but Arthur had given it an extra strong dose of penecillin so we decided not to let the truck take this load.  Instead, we've been making lots of cottage cheese today.  Our family is on lunch at church tomorrow so we've been busy making things for that as well. If your in the area and you want some free milk, get it tonight!  Have a great weekend celebrating how God has blessed America!

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  1. Thanks so much for the pictures! I love the float!


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