Friday, August 8, 2014


Here's Fort Cornstalk that the camp guys worked on.  We have a few things to finish up on it yet but its getting there.  The guys did enjoy some soft air shoot-outs at the Fort.  The Fort will hold the Game Zone games.  I think you're all going to get sick of hearing about the maze but that's pretty much all we'll be doing for the next few months!  If anyone wants to help get it ready, let us know!

Today the guys went picking rocks in a field we rent.  I think those guys must've gone home really sore as they worked so hard!  Thank you so much guys!  As soon as the last one took off Arthur headed off to rake a hay field.  Lord willing, we can get it baled before it rains, if it rains.

Have a great evening and pray for peace in Jerusalem.


  1. The fort looks wonderful! I love that covered wagon.

  2. Hello Krahn family! I just wanted to notify you that you've been awarded the Liebster award! Check out our blog for more details: Have a wonderful day! ~ Lydia for the Mieczkowskis


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