Saturday, August 16, 2014

Maze Prep / Gardening

The last couple of days the girls have been leaf whacking off and on in the corn.  They want Hosanna to know that they miss her doing her share :)   Every year at this point, the maze starts to get overwhelming.  It really doesn't look like a lot of work but we have a list a mile long yet to get done, plus...

gardening and farming thrown in.  We are thankful for the wonderful blessings God is sending us through the garden.  I'm so thankful for such wonderful girls that cheerfully help every day even when the days seem to get so long!

Silas and Karen, and a few others, enjoyed an evening by the campfire singing.

And for those that haven't seen the maze picture, here it is.  What a relief to see that it looks like its suppose to!!  We've done this enough that we get a pretty good feel on the ground if it looks right but you never really know till you fly over.  It's not exactly like we thought, but pretty close.

Priscilla and I had fun putting things in the Granary yesterday.  A lot of it we packed back up till next week but we needed an idea of what was going where and what pricing we needed to do yet.  There's some pretty neat things in there, especially if you're a boy or girl, with all the fun western stuff.  There's lots of girls and ladies hair flowers and headbands, some baby gifts, gourmet candy and popcorn, wonderful Dover western coloring books and paper dolls, colorful stick horses, and so much more.  It was fun.  We've also done a bunch of painting, and Silas is busy mowing the yard.  A few weeks ago it looked so nice but we haven't had hardly any rain for several weeks so the grass has all turned brown :(  We do need rain if you need something else to add to your prayer list.

Have a great weekend!  We're off to Jubilee's baby shower :)

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  1. Wow! That Maze is incredible!! Our jaws literally hit the floor! :) Too bad we aren't closer - it would be fun to visit!



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