Monday, March 2, 2015

Priscilla, Grandchildren, and Flowers

Priscilla's book signing went really good yesterday!  She wants all those that came to know she is VERY thankful that they came, including Krystal (The cover girl!)! The library was having a special quilt display so that's why there's quilt squares on the table.

Priscilla was pretty nervous but enjoyed the signing of books and selling lots of books!

Hosanna, Barb L. (the librarian), Priscilla and Krystal.  Priscilla would also want you to pray for those that bought books.  It's almost like having people buy a tract from you!

We watched the little boys this week one day and Arthur had so much fun pulling them around in the sled! 

Arthur gave me this Amaryllis plant for Valentine's Day.  It has been so nice to see something green with color!  A reminder that spring will come even as we are buried in snow.  The flowers have died off and a new stalk is coming up so we're enjoying learning about a new flower that we had never really given any thought to.  It's such a wonderful reminder of God's love and blessings to give us such a beautiful peek at His creation even in the dead of winter.

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