Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Home School Tournament

Things have been pretty crazy around here and for me, on busy thing was the homeschool tournament yesterday.  I haven't done a total count but there were right around 100 students participating.  It was busy, and really fun too.  The whole family helped out.  Miriam helped me with registration and getting the awards ready as well as judged the speech category.  Hosanna did speed stacking judging in the morning and the airplane toss in the afternoon.  

Isaac and Silas and Karen ran the chess and checkers competition.  Arthur ran the lego challenge in the morning and softball throw in the afternoon.  Miriam and I were getting the lego sets ready and thought we'd have a race to see who was faster.  It was not as easy as children make it look because neither of us had any idea how to put the legos together correctly. We gave up timing it.

My sister Kim helped this year after lots of years of begging her to help!  She also homeschooled all her children's school years and she enjoy seeing all the new families and helped out with judging and with the awards. Thank you so much to anyone else who is reading this that helped judge!

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