Sunday, April 12, 2015


Cute aren't they!  Isaac's cows have been calving and he enjoyed seeing these two Hereford looking calves from their Angus mama. The grass is starting to turn green after last nights thunderstorm.  A nice sight!

We're having a quiet evening and so Isaac is enjoying working on a fishing net he's making with the May 1st sucker season in mind! I've never seen anyone make a fishing net so that's why I posted this in case some of you haven't either. Maybe he'll use it northern fishing which might start next week.  Meanwhile, he's starting field work with another farmer tomorrow.

We knew this tree was leaning toward the house, but it wasn't until Priscilla pointed out to us that it was hollow that we decided it needed to go. There's a big hole in the base of the tree, and sure enough, there's not much holding it up other than bark!  Arthur climbed up to tie a strap around it and then tied the other end of the strap to a tractor tightening up the strap.  While he was in the tractor, Isaac got up on top of the pile of wood next to the tree and started cutting it down.  My heart rate finally got back to normal after the tree came down and lots of prayer for the guys safety.

Well, there's another week ahead of us and I look forward to seeing not only how much we can get done, but seeing what God does! Have a great evening everyone and don't forget to rejoice in the Lord!

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