Thursday, June 18, 2015

Camp Bemadezowin (Wilderness Camp)

The guys went up Canada way for a boys camp this week with a bunch of guys from our church and a few others.  Miriam and Hosanna went along to cook.  Well, today Aaron came back early, we knew he was planning on that, and he brought the girls home with him.  Nice surprise! They took some pictures so I thought I'd share them for the mother's out there that are wondering if their boys are okay :)  Yes, they are and no one has gotten hurt either :)  I'm glad as they don't have a phone that works where the camp is.

Arthur, Isaac and Aaron went along as staff with Aaron being the camp chaplain.

The girls tell me the water was cold but it wasn't cold enough to stop people from having fun.

Chapel time.  We are so thankful to have a camp with buildings and yet it doesn't have electricity or plumbing so you still get that wilderness camp feel.  The girls did have a gas fridge and stove to cook on.

Canoeing, I think it's Dallas and Joshua.

Alex and Eli.

The guys had fun going from one end to the other using rafters in the "dining hall".

Nice fish, Joshua!

Eating banana smore's

Cooking the smores.

Traditional group picture.

The camp has its own lake with no one else on it.  The guys hiked to the other side and had their lunch one day.  Apparently today they were going to hike all around the lake.

Eli choppin' more wood for the campfire.

Throwing a frisbee on a hill seems like it might end up in the lake.

Yup.  Probably discussing who is going to get it!  Well, that's it for now about camp.

 Two posts in one day! Imagine that!

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