Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Monster Calf & Picnic & Maze

First, last week we had a new dairy heifer calf.  The picture didn't turn out or I'd show you. Anyway, it was HUGE!  The mama cow had it on its own although she could hardly stand afterwards.  Arthur put a weigh tape on it and she was 168 pounds!!!  A normal calf is around 80 pounds!  And can that calf ever drink her milk! I'm sure it must be a record or something!

Meanwhile, Miriam and I marked off the maze and Arthur went behind weedeating it.  I know the field doesn't look the greatest here but the weeds have all died back and the corn is already over my knees!  I'm so glad to have this part of the maze done!  Now we can just sit back and watch the corn grow.  Ha!  Not with our long to-do list!
We had an early 4th of July picnic at my parents last week.  Aren't they just the cutest!!

My dad, the griller.  His grilled chicken is AWESOME!  I need to learn to make it.

And a picture of  my parents great-grandchildren.  It isn't easy getting so many young ones to smile for a picture!

On the farm, Arthur has been busy with Matthew M.'s help, getting things ready for baling hay, fence maintenance, etc.  The girls have been busy weeding in the garden, helping this person and that person, etc.  Priscilla  has been busy getting her next book ready to print.  Isaac is also busy on the farm when he's not on the phone to you-know-who!  I've been working on maze things and, specifically today, working on the 4th of July parade float stuff and cleaning house.

Have a great 4th of July everyone!  Be sure to pray for our country!  

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  1. Maybe you have the newest tallest cow in the world?


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