Monday, August 31, 2015

Mike, Corn Maze, Isaac, Aimee, and Stuff!

Isn't Mike handsome! We'll he's eating so his face is a little stuffed.  Anyway, a few days ago, Mike ran in front of Arthur who was on a tractor, pulling a baler, and a hay wagon.  Yup, Mike was run over by all three! Arthur felt super bad.  It was evening so we decided to let him rest the night, and maybe take him to the vet the next day if need be.  We knew he probably didn't have any broken bones because he ran home, quickly.  Well, he survived the night, because we were all praying for him I'm sure.  He stayed in pretty much one spot for about three days only getting up to eat and run outside, and to chase cats.  Today is the first day he's seemed back to normal.  Running, eating, and following Arthur around like normal.  It's nice to know God cares about our pets too!

Our church had a bridal shower for Aimee, and Karen brought little Samuel Paul out for the first time.  Here's a couple of his great, great aunts checking him out, and a bunch of girls eager for a chance to hold him!

Lori gave a devotional about communication, Priscilla and Hosanna had everyone play a "Get to know Aimee" game and a couples matching game.  Rebekah and the Mitton family made a nice lunch and then Aimee opened a bunch of gifts.

Jubilee and Cilla had the same hairclip in :)  Rebekah sells  clips like this and you can find out more on their blog and her facebook page.

It was a good weekend over at the corn maze.  Two down, six more to go!  It's been SO nice having not only Hosanna home this year, but Aimee and Joshua helping!  I actually got to stay home during the maze!  Something I rarely get to do!  That'll change when things get busier.

Big dino got moved to the maze entrance.  I can't imagine how many pictures have been snapped by him!

The duck races have been a HUGE hit, especially with the younger ones.  The hot weather made it popular too.  Little Aaron had fun grabbing Esther's duck before he was suppose to!

The older girls take turns working in the Granary.  This day, it was Elizabeth working.  Best selling item?  Probably the ring pops sitting on the counter, or maybe the hair bows.

I have no idea what they were laughing about!

Isaac and Aimee and Joshua went through the maze.  Joshua and Ronnie also helped "corn cop".  It's kind of funny how you can size people up and know when there's going to be trouble and it's nice having some guys to walk around and stop anything from happening!

Hosanna and Priscilla have been doing the food prep.  Here's a soft cinnamon and sugar pretzel with frosting to dip it in!  Mmm!  The salted with cheese sauce sell better though!

And today, Isaac and Aimee got some garden produce from Grandma K.'s garden.  Isaac was a little embarrassed to be seen snipping beans while the other guys were out working! :)

So, it's was a busy weekend but enjoyable one.  Enjoy your evening everyone!

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