Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Bear

Yesterday was the first day of bear hunting season.  Isaac was heading out to bait the bear and then to sit down and wait for him to come along.  When he got out to the woods, the bear was already waiting at his bait pile, so, he got it, and within an hour was home again.  Not the biggest around, but a nice bear.

Isaac managed to find a girl that doesn't mind cutting up bear meat, so that's what they did this morning.  Then, Aimee proceeded to clean out Isaac's truck.  I don't think Isaac is ever going to let this girl out of his sight again!! :)

Miriam and Aimee have also been busy canning tomatoes.  Pot after pot. Will sure taste good this winter in soups or the salsa with nachos!

Meanwhile, Priscilla has been working on the Bible Bee, running errands, and general house stuff. Hosanna has been spending her days out on the tractor baling hay while the sun shines.  The guys are all out working with hay.  I'm wondering how I got so blessed as to have such capable girls that I'm not needed in the kitchen!  I think I'll go take a nap.

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