Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Priscilla's New Book!

Priscilla's been working really hard this summer to finish up this children's book before the maze starts Friday.  It's a mystery that takes place at a corn maze from 6 - 12 year olds. you can read more about it at her website, or read a part of the book on Amazon.  It's a fun book and I know kids will love it! Good job, Cilla!
We've been working non-stop the last few days at the maze - well, non stop all summer it seems!  Anyway, today we put together "Maizyland" (pictured above.) The girls and I also worked on getting the Granary and Concession area set up.  The guys redid the fooseball game, mowed the whole area and did some weed eating, not to mention all the signs and flags they put up. What hard workers!!
We're trying something new this year and cut a small children's maze.  I know the parents with younger ones will enjoy the fast walk through the dinosaur footprints cut in the corn with a simple little dinosaur sticker game.

I feel much more encouraged today about getting it all done than I did a few days ago.  It's very overwhelming and so much of it has to wait till the last week.  Tomorrow us girls get food things ready, including water balloons, and the guys finish up things so everything is perfect!

So, if you're bored, or have children that love to read, come on out to the maze and buy Priscilla's book or get one on Amazon. (Cheaper at the maze!)  Have a great weekend enjoying God's blessings and please pray for us!  

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