Friday, August 14, 2015

Maze Work

We love the maze, but, it's a lot of work.  The last few days we all fall into bed hoping we'll wake up sometime in late October! Well, not really, that's Isaac who is kinda waiting for late October!  Anyway, Arthur and Matthew have been really busy at the maze, and trying to get hay done at the same time.  Even in this heat they work so hard and I appreciate their help so much with all the projects! Arthur added on a small addition to the Concession stand and with the electricity, it will make it easier to always have the coffee on, or maybe serve up a hotdog or nachoes.  Miriam gave it a couple of coats of paint, and things look good.

Matthew has been putting in tons of signs and banners while Arthur has been trying to get the duck race game set up.  It's sure colorful and hopefully it will be running good by next Friday!  The girls and I have made jar mixes, priced things for the store, made new labels for everything, painted this and this, and this and that, cleaned buildings, etc.

It's hard at this time to not feel stressed out with such long to-do lists but somehow it always gets done. I try to pray for the people coming to the maze when things get crazy busy like this week,  and pray for whatever it is I'm working on that they will enjoy it, that it will make people happy, that no one will get hurt, that maybe, just maybe, someone will read our maze tract and get saved. We would love it if everyone reading this would pray for us!

Priscilla has a new project done she'll want me to share in a couple of days! That's what she's been doing while the rest of us slave away ;)

Well, have a great evening enjoying the beautiful sunshine God is sending us!

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