Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Manure Spreader / New Blog

Every once in a while, the twine gets built up on the manure spreader, and stuff gets frozen on.  Well, Arthur usually starts it on fire and lets it burn off while he spreads manure in the field.  It looks pretty neat because he leaves fire all along the ground when he's spreading it on the corn maze field. I'm sure the neighbors that drive by wonder what's going on!  Arthur thought you might enjoy seeing this.

Priscilla would want you to know that she started her own blog: You will enjoy looking at that!

Yes, I know I've been slow at blogging.  While we are quite busy, there doesn't seem to be any specific things to blog about.  I'll try to do better!

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  1. That would be very interesting to see. I'm sure those who'll drive by and see that would never have guessed it. Haha! Thanks for sharing. Will be looking forward to your blog. Thanks again.


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