Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Wedding, The Children

The four little grandsons welcomed a new brother this month!  What a little blessing!! Mama and baby are fine!

Right before our BC trip, we headed south to go to our niece's wedding. What a sweet couple that God has led together!

As with all weddings, there are parents to leave behind.  However, when you know a child is marrying the right one, there is so much joy as well!

Another picture of the new little guy getting some love from big sister! She is going to be such a good little mama's helper someday and already has that "I love babies" attitude.  It's so sweet!

While we were gone, our girls babysat some, most, of the grandchildren. The girls enjoyed playing dress up for a tea party and dug out Priscilla's old Indian dresses that she lived in.  These girls bring so much joy and laughter wherever they go!

When we arrived home from our trip and opened the door, this is what we saw! Most came running and gave us hugs like we had been gone for a long time :) It was a busy week for the girls, but oh, the fun the cousins had!! It reminds me so much of the fun my sisters and I had with our cousins, and the fun our children have had with their cousins.  Such a special relationship God created!

Since then, a couple of us have had the flu, and so we've made it a quiet week to avoid passing germs around. May God bless you all give you a quiet and healthy weekend! (Unless you don't want it quiet of course!)

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  1. Thank you for posting all the pictures! -Jessica


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