Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lady Warrior

(This should probably be a Mother's Day post, oh well!)

There are some days, like today, that I wake up wondering what has happened to the church in America. Why are our children walking away from God? Why are the young people, including Christians, voting for Bernie Sanders, a socialist? Why hasn't the church in America won the world for Christ? What are we doing wrong?  I know, we could all make a list. I think it's time us ladies don the Armour of God and fight for our families. There is nothing nobler a mother can do than to fight for her children's lives. 

It's so easy to get caught up in the world that if we don't watch ourselves, we become like Lot, and get closer and closer to the world. It happens so quietly, and quickly. I've seen so many families leave our church over the years, and the one I grew up in, and probably your church, and so often, it's the mother that is pulling the family out. It's the mother that wants to have more fun. Wants to be with her friends more. It's the mother that doesn't want to make the sacrifice to work with her children. So often we look at the father but more often, it's the mother! Frankly, us mother's are getting lazy. It's too easy to take the easy road. No one said raising children was going to be easy.

I'm kind of rambling. What I mean is, don't give up on your children. Fight for them. Fight the evil in their lives. Fight against the evil in this world that seeks to destroy them. Fight against those that want to turn your children's eyes to the world. Fight to instill godly principles in their lives. Fight to get them to church on Sunday, and Sunday night, and Wednesday, or whenever the church is open. Fight to instill God's Word in their hearts. Fight to teach them their school in a godly manner and with godly materials. Fight to teach them godly character. It's a battle, and it's not easy.

Being at the corn maze, we see lots of people. So often I see children and think, "No one is fighting for this child." It's so sad. In fact, often the mother is fighting against the child's good. It happens in christian families too. So often we go about with no eternal goals for our children. We have no character or life goals for them. If you aim for nothing you will hit nothing. So often I see mother's make decisions without really thinking about how it will hurt their children. I see them make decisions without prayer. Without listening to their husbands.

 Listen ladies, God gave us husbands and we need to listen to them, not twist their thinking to agree with ours. I know a man who wanted to attend our church, the wife was against it, so they didn't come.  Fast forward a few years, their children have totally washed out for God. I wonder what would've happened if she would've listened to her husband. I'm not saying our church has the answer, its the example I'm using to show how we need to listen to our husbands.  I've done it myself. Arthur has said we should do this or that and I say, "We could do that, but I think it might be better if we..." or something like that. Then I continue to argue my point, till I get it. No, I don't routinely do this, but I have, and I'm sure most of you ladies out there know what I mean. It's not right. We need to join our husbands in fighting for our children by listening to them! Not twisting their thinking to agree with ours.

What if your husband doesn't want what's right? Sometimes this happens.  Obviously, you need to obey your husband unless he's telling you to go against something God wants you to do.  I believe that God will honor that and still help you fight for your children. If you are in this situation, pray for God to give you wisdom in ways to fight for your child's walk with God.

So, forgive me for rambling today. Like I said, some days I wake up grieved for the church in America. I worry for my children, and my grandchildren. We can't give up the fight ladies. If I can take it one step further, in a real battle, we fight for each other. In a real battle, we help each other and support the wounded. We cover for others under attack. We don't say, "Oh, that's their battle, hope they win."  I don't know about you, but I would sure love to have some other warriors fighting for my family and my grandchildren. If you see we are battling evil in our lives, please help us.  So often we don't even see the enemy ourselves, but others around us do. 

Fight for your family and your children and grandchildren.
Then, be ready to do battle to help each other. 

Got your Sword ready?!


  1. Thanks for your encouragement. Even though I am not a mother, I still need to be fighting in God's kingdom! That quote"If you aim for nothing you will hit nothing" is right on what I needed to hear this morning!

  2. Hello Camille and Arthur!
    I think that cultural marxist propaganda and humanistic propaganda are one reason why some young people are voting for a socialist.

    the Bible says:

    and be not conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,

    Rom. 12:1

    May the lord Jesus the messiah bless your family! I really love your family.

  3. Thanks for the reminder & encouragement! Amen & Amen! Blessings, Andrea Howell


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