Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

We started Mother's Day off doing something I have thought about for a long time. We had company over for breakfast! I love fixing breakfast food and we enjoyed doing it. We had a great church service and then we visited with parents. In the evening the children and grandchildren came over. It was so beautiful out so I headed out to get pictures of the little people!

Yes, Mam!

Getting so grown up!

I so enjoy seeing the cousins playing together, right down to the little ones. It reminds me so much of when my children played together with their cousins, and when I played together with my cousins. What a special relationship!

Mike's pretty special too! 

Faster, faster!

Little Shiloh. Don't you love those big eyes!

I caught her smiling!

Arthur loves this as much as the kids!  Don't worry, he goes very slow!

I love the look of glee! These four brothers, and little brother someday, are going to have so much fun in life!

The dad's out enjoying the nice weather while keeping an eye on the little people.

I couldn't get her to smile for the camera but she does has a very precious smile!

Sometimes these two pick on each other and other times they are good friends. Will be fun to watch them grow up!

Silas and Karen and Isaac and Aimee came earlier before I got the camera out so I didn't get pictures of them and their little guy but they were there.

I'm a happy mother and grandma!


  1. These are really awesome pictures! Did you get a new lens? -Jess

  2. I just used the big lense that came with the camera and I was pretty happy with how they turned out. It was the first time I'd used it.


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