Monday, May 2, 2016


It's spring and that means beaver trapping. Isaac is enjoying having a willing, excited helper this year!! Pretty impressive! Isaac also took a couple of guys out trapping and camping.

This was taken a couple of weeks ago. Not good!  Thankfully the mud has dried up and roads are once again passable. 

It's the third year that I've been working on our courtyard. I'm not sure it will ever get done! I laid out landscaping blocks this last week. They looked so nice and even and I was so sore! Now some of the blocks have started coming up. I'll have to have another go at it and do some repair work. After that we will have to enjoy the uneveness if it happens again. I do enjoy the work outside though and we're already sitting on the chairs and glider dreaming about the flowers that we need to fill the extra spaces with!

We had a pile of rocks in the yard so Arthur and Matthias so graciously moved them in the courtyard area, under the eaves. Very cheap landscaping material with some of them having a lot of "character" to them.

When we cut a tree down to build our addition a few years back, we found this root growing in the shape of a cross.

Enjoy your week everyone! Don't forget to honor your mother this weekend, and don't forget that it's really all about the cross!

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  1. I think Aimee is enjoying being a willing, excited helper as much as Isaac enjoys having one. ;) The courtyard thing looks nice. It's to bad it didn't stay put. ;) I kinda know how that feels, but my problem is with chickens and mulch so it is easier to fix. ;)


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