Thursday, August 11, 2016

Maze Update

Well, here it is. It didn't look as good as I had imagined it to look, but we'll live with it!

We've been so thankful to have Josh, our nephew, helping out this summer. He is an awesome worker!  This was taken a couple of weeks ago. Now the corn has already tasseled.

Eli has also been helping out this summer. Eli's strong point is he has unlimited energy! He can work, and work, and work from sunup till sundown and wonders why everyone is tired!

Arthur had a boys workday at the maze so the boys got a good workout. Actually, we have so much to do that if there's any men out there that have a few free hours, Arthur wouldn't turn you away! And I'd probably feed you and give you a family season pass!

Another boys work day photo. Arthur likes to pay his helpers in fun, and fun they had!

This is on a fence post by our house. I keep moving it away, but it keeps showing back up!

Arthur is the hardest worker I know! Here he's working on a farmball game at the maze with Mathias' help. A big thank you to Mathias, too, for all his hard work on the farm this summer.

Meanwhile, Miriam is home!!!!!  We missed her so much! She jumped right in and did some painting over at the maze. The other girls have been cleaning out buildings and I've been doing paperwork - season passes, game cards, contest cards, signs, etc.  We open next Friday so there's lots to get done.  We would appreciate people praying for us!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Oh, did you see the gorgeous sunset clouds God gave us this evening!

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