Friday, July 29, 2016

Hay Days

We have a red squirrel problem around here. So, when Cilla saw a red squirrel, laughing and daring her to get him, she did.

Raspberry pie. Blueberry pie, Peach pie. Or Blueberry peach pie? They are all so good this time of year!!

Arthur has really enjoyed having Eli and Josh here to help this summer. At least when they help :) 

Actually, they are very hard workers even when we're having long hot days in the field.

And so it goes at Green Pastures Farm. Have a great evening enjoying God's blessings, Everyone!
Miriam, we miss you!!!!!! 

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  1. That'll teach squirrels not to dare Cilla. ;) What an amazing looking pie. Looks like the guys are having a great time with work. :)


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