Monday, November 14, 2016

Early November

With the gorgeous fall weather this year, Arthur's been having fun taking different guys / grandsons out goose and duck hunting. In fact, he's not even deer hunting this year. He's just too busy and if he does have free time, he'd rather duck hunt.  Arthur is also busy, with Isaac, moving cattle to where they'll spend the winter, getting the barn ready for winter, and butchered some cows. He works long, about fifteen hour, days. It will be nice when winter actually comes and so he will have a few more hours to get some rest.

Arthur also finished chopping the corn maze last week. He's been chopping each day since the maze finished to feed the cows fresh silage.

Meanwhile, I've been working on a few projects for the Roseau Holiday Craft and Vendor Show.  November 25th and 26th if anyone wants to come!  These are large Hershey bar snowmen. 

These are the adorable mini candy bar snowmen. These are fun to make! Plus they are just so cute! I have a few more things to hurry and get done before the show. Hosanna and Priscilla embroidered a bunch of dishtowels for me to sell as well as maze Granary things we'll have to sell.

 Priscilla also just headed south with her cousins to work at the National Bible Bee.  There aren't many places she loves as much as the Bible Bee!  Miriam has been spending the last few days cleaning our garage and trying to at least make a path through it! Maybe we can even park a vehicle in it this winter! There is so much hunting and fishing stuff, plus bikes, camping gear, wood pile, tools, farm supplies, etc. You get the point. I wonder how many American's actually are able to park in their garages? We are definitely a nation of "stuff".

Well, I gotta keep going. Have a wonderful day enjoying God's blessings!

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