Monday, October 24, 2016


One day last week when the grandkids were here, we had them remove seeds from pumpkins for us.  Little Jubilee really enjoyed it.

Whenever she got a seed in the bowl she got so excited!

David washed the seeds, sprayed the pan, and put the seeds back on the pan.

Then he gave them a hefty dose of garlic salt and into the oven they went.  They were delicious!  

Our church had a shower for little Heidi and Bodie, another baby born close to Heidi.  It had a fall theme so Hosanna made a spice cake with penuche frosting.  

It's not fall for Arthur unless he gets out duck or goose hunting.  He an Matthew each took one shot and got fourteen ducks total!  Even if they hadn't gotten any, they still would've had a good time because these cousins always have a good time together!

It's was two weeks ago today that we had our last maze day.  We took about a week to clean up the maze, finish the garden, and clean the house.  The house was really bad after ten weeks of neglect!  Then last week. Like every other year, when things are all done, I wander the house. I could clean, but it's already clean. I could do this or that. But somehow, after going, go, go, go, day and night for so long, its hard to get back into the everyday life routine. Nothing seems to have a pressure time on it like the maze always did or seem quite as exciting. It's time to get the fall / winter projects going.  A little painting.  A little deep cleaning.  A little craft time. Meanwhile, I need to get bread in the oven. Have a great day everyone enjoying the gorgeous fall day God is sending our way!!

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