Saturday, January 14, 2017

Snow, Cold, Snow, Cold

January through March are my "house" months and I have a few projects that we're tackling. One is organizing the office a little better, which includes a new coat of paint. Thank you, Miriam!!!
 Daniel has been over to enjoy a game of Clue with the Aunties and he enjoys holding Heidi while playing! I love these grandchildren so much!!
We've had a lot of snow, and really cold weather so I have just been enjoying home days with gratefulness that I don't have to go out! Someone needs to go out of this door though and unplug the Christmas lights on the left side.  I think I'll get Eli to do it ;)

I got a beautiful journaling Bible for Christmas. I'm using it as my "Heirloom Bible" and intend to write my testimony, answers to prayer, how verses have helped me, etc, as a gift to a future granddaughter, someday.  It makes me look at things a little different as I read it, and I'm enjoying the different perspective of "what can I learn and share about this with whoever gets this". How can I encourage future generations in their walk with God? What can I do to encourage them to get saved if they're not? I was encouraged listening to the Bible Bee this year to pray for future generations, so that has been an interesting focus for me in my prayer life as well.

Otherwise, there isn't a whole lot of anything newsworthy to write about. Arthur and Eli work hard to keep the animals warm. Priscilla works hard on her book. The other girls work hard either here or the other places they routinely go.  Life isn't easy here in the northland, but I so love the long evenings and cool, crisp air to breathe. I love the crunch of the snow and the promise that summer will come.  Did you know when it gets really cold you can see mirages on the lake?

Meanwhile, you all stay warm, and enjoy these precious days that God has given us.

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