Saturday, February 18, 2017

It's a Girl!

Karen and Silas had an adorable little girl born this week! Christy Elizabeth who was 7# 15 oz.  What a blessing from God!

Aunty Hosanna and Christy.

Aunty Miriam. We tried so hard to wake her up so we could see her eyes open but the little sweetheart just slept and slept.

Aunty Priscilla.

The happy grandpa!

Earlier this month, the girls and I sat glued to the computer watching Arthur's calves sell at the auction. 

We headed up our church's Valentine's Banquet and Hosanna and Miriam made the balloon bouquets.

It was a family Valentine's party so knowing we would have a lot of children, we ordered pizzas and had a salad bar.

It was a fun evening and the older kids and young adults did the serving and cleaning up as well as the program.

Sarah and Priscilla did doorprizes and had some fun games to figure out who got them.

The young people sang. It was especially fun to see how they were singing from their hearts with so much enthusiasm! I love all these young people and so appreciate all they do for our church!!

Don't you just love their happy faces while they sing!

And more happy faces!

Marie took family pictures of everyone that came!

I feel so blessed.
God is so good!
I know there are hard times in life which makes it even more important to cherish the good times He sends our way!


  1. Cute baby. Is Christy short for something?

  2. No, just a name they liked. She is cute ;)

  3. Congratulations on the new grandbaby!!! Loved your post!!

  4. That's sweet!! I just realized I skipped this post. Not sure how...but it happened. ;) Cute baby! It is always so fun having a tiny baby around. :)


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