Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter and Bathroom Re-do!

We had my family at our house this year for Easter. I was a too busy to take a lot of pictures but I got a few. My sister Kim brought these adorable "nests" for all the kids, as well as Cherries in the Snow and a Caramel Apple Dessert. Mmmm! This was after we had a very nice service at church this morning celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord!

After a big meal, you need to sit back and relax!

This is my Uncle Norman holding his great, great niece Heidi.
Backing up a bit, our project for January / February was to redo our downstairs bathroom. And how badly it was needed! Well, we didn't get it started until early April and then we really had to hurry to get it usable by Easter. This is a before picture. There were actually mirrored doors over this tiny closet.  Cracked mirrored doors! In layers, there was lath and plaster, wallpaper, foam, old linoleum, and some paneling.  I know this will grieve a lot of you, but I suggested Arthur put the sheet rock over all the layers. For some reason I love knowing the history of the house is buried for future re-doers to find! On the top left you can see where there was probably a light at one time. We always wondered what the switch was for in the kitchen, and now we know!  It's a plug in now!
We had a lot of problems with pipes breaking, plumbing leaks, wiring challenges, unsquare walls, etc.

And this is how it looks after we got done. I didn't have time to stain the shelves. I kinda like them like this. Anyway, I don't have time to change them for now so it will have to do. The things that were in the closet now are stored in the baskets. Spray paint make the toilet holder and towel rod match the dark woodwork. The paint is called Canterbury Cream. I wanted to do a tile floor but it just didn't happen this time.

And this is the rest of the bathroom. Arthur cut the mirror down and added a frame. I also spray painted the light fixture. We couldn't fit sheetrock behind the toilet so we put milkhouse board behind the toilet and sink area. There are still a few little things we need to do, but I'm just happy that it looks so much better than before! I'm thankful for a handy husband as well!

When we moved into this house about 26 years ago, this little corner off the kitchen was the laundry area. We moved the laundry upstairs, best thing we ever did in this house, and made the little bathroom with supplies we could afford at the time. It was really nice for little ones who struggled to make it to the bathroom fast enough as it's the only bathroom downstairs. 

Don't you just love the cute little chicks on the shelf?! Yes, Priscilla, that's your mug I used!

And the big metal flower came from Hobby Lobby.
I really wanted to get rid of the old pocket door which was a thin hollow core door. I found an old house door in the garage from years ago and it worked just right for the bathroom. A little paint and it looks as good as ever.  Someday I'll stain and varnish the other side because it doesn't look too good right now.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend remembering the victory we have in Jesus! Just remember, we can, and should be celebrating it every day!! Have a good one!


  1. Happy belated Resurrection Day!! I like the remodeling of your bathroom.
    Thanks for posting. Love you all!! <3

  2. Love you all too, Joanna! You all need come up and visit sometime!

  3. Happy mother's Day Aunt Camille!!
    We're going to be up there the end of August.
    Love and miss you all!! <3


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