Monday, May 22, 2017


I can't believe how long its been since I did a post on this blog! I'll try to do better. Things are just so busy this time of year. I'll give you a glimpse!
Okay, this is one of Isaac's cows but its to show that we've had a lot of calves born in the last month or so. I love how the little calves hide under their mama's. You gotta love this lady's horns too :)

Last week we headed out to the maze and planted the pumpkin patch. Miriam and I marked where each plant should go with a flag, and no, we didn't get the rows perfectly straight :( 

Eli helped plant the seeds. We planted about 15 different kinds so we'll see how it goes.

And here it is, about 214 hills. Still waiting on one kind of seed so that number will go up just a bit. Last year the guy who sprayed the corn field sprayed the pumpkins too. We're hoping that all the flags will tell him that its not corn! The maze got planted and the field got rolled so that's always a relief. In fact, all the fields are planted for 2017. Most are my father-in-laws but Arthur keeps busy with it too.

Today our crew planted the petunias. It was a rainy day but there were no complaints. Rachel helped Hosanna divide the flats up.

Happy faces, mud and all!

Hard at work! A big thank you to the stranger who brought the crew each a cup of hot chocolate from Holiday! It was well received!!

Isn't this about enough to melt your heart! So cute!! Isaac and Aimee stopped by to help a bit and Heidi came along for the ride!

And one last picture. Ethan followed behind the crew picking up the four pack plastic pieces and flats. Not an easy job either! So, thank you everyone for your hard work!! You are all awesome!  God is so good to give us such fabulous workers!! Let the weeding begin!

Have a wonderful day enjoying God's blessings!

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